Presentation of Jersey Bayern Munich Third 2017/2018 Cheap

With Bayern’s 6-0 win against Dortmund in the Bundesliga last weekend, they are only a step away from the Bundesliga title this season. Bayern’s excellent performance this season has several reasons: J. Lo, who recently hired a franchise team last summer, is one of them. From the beginning, to fit the main strength of the current team, J Luo’s growth this season at Bayern is obvious to all.

Last summer, Bayern announced it has lent 13 million euros for two seasons. At the start of the season, due to injuries, J Luo was very slow to adapt to Bayern, and many of his matches can not start on the bench. However, with the departure of Ancelotti, the arrival of Heynckes completely activated J Luo. Under the command of Seamaster, J Luo became a regular guest in Bayern’s starting lineup. To date, J Luo has played 28 games on behalf of Bayern and has contributed 5 goals and 11 assists. Dortmund against Dortmund last weekend, J Luo led a 6-0 win with 1 goal and 2 assists.

Jarrow’s excellent game also won over Bayern and fans: Bayern officials decided to activate the J Lo Loan Clause after the end of the season, according to the Marca report . Ten thousand euros to buy J Luo If you count J Luo’s rental costs last summer, Bayern will win J Luo with a total transfer amount of 55 million euros.

In addition to Bayern’s willingness to buy, J Luo himself has repeatedly expressed his willingness to stay at Bayern to continue his efficiency. Earlier, there were rumors that Real Madrid hopes J Luo return to the Premier League after his return, but J Luo said he was very happy to Bayern, temporarily will not consider returning to Real Madrid will not consider other leagues. Bayern’s decision to activate J Roth’s buy-back clause earlier than expected also gave J Luo total peace of mind for Bayern.

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